Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Shall We Do Together?

Hello, students! Starting April 1, we will no longer have a pronunciation class. However, we can still meet in the same room to have lunch and practice English. On Friday, April 1, I will begin asking you for ideas on how to spend our time together. We can brainstorm many ideas and then vote. I have already started making a list of fun ideas. Here are some of my ideas. You will have a chance to add to them or comment on them over the next several days. Ideas to discuss and vote on:

  • Maintain this blog together

  • Learn to set up a personal web log ("blog")

  • Learn to open an email account, if you don't already have one

  • Learn to open a Facebook account

  • Watch music videos

  • Watch short movies (under 50 minutes)

  • Play games (Jeopardy, etc.)

  • Have conversations

  • Discuss current events

  • "Ask any question" day

  • Homework help

Try to think of more ideas! See you Friday!