Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tests and Screenings - Routine


Before we get into special tests and screenings, let's spend some time on routine tests and screenings that every patient needs. We also want to learn about the tests and screenings recommended just for men or just for women, just for young people, or just for older people.

For example, a yearly physical exam may include giving a urine sample.

The nurse will check your blood pressure.

The doctor will order blood work, so you will have to go to a lab.

Here is a short news video about the annual physical exam or "check-up."

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Health History

Hello, students!

We have reviewed parts of the body. Monday we will start a bit of in-depth study of the body systems. Meanwhile, we have learned to answer questions about our family medical history and our personal medical history.

Here is the video of a dialogue between a doctor and patient's mother.

Here are some short conversations between a doctor and a patient.

This is a link to the BODY SYSTEMS dictionary.

Friday, February 8, 2019

And Back to Health Again

Hello, seniors!

We have returned to your favourite topic: health and navigating the healthcare system. This week we are learning to describe symptoms.

Since I have taught health topics many times before, I would like you to learn how to find those old blog posts for yourself. There are many good links on each one. To do this, you will  need to find the Search This Blog box at the top of the sidebar of this website. Do you see it? If you put in the word "symptoms" and click the Search This Blog button, you will be taken to a blog post about that. Next try putting in the word "health."

Did it work?

Here is the audio for Lily.

Here is the audio for Jim.

Have fun exploring all those resources!