Mr. Zhang's Page

Let's use Mr. Mingkui Zhang's page during the pandemic to study from home.

First, don't forget the links in the sidebar of this blog. They include excellent sites such as English in Vancouver and Talking Picture Dictionary.

Secondly, create a Facebook account if you do not already have one. The YMCA teachers will soon create groups based on level. We will post activities there for us all to engage in. My profile is HERE.

For listening, try VOA Learning English. It's news and current events in slower, simpler English.
Also try these articles at different levels from the Westcoast Reader. You can listen at slow speed or natural speed.

Below you will see the listening links I put here years ago for Mr. Zhang when he went to China. Unfortunately, the Chinese government blocked access to sites such as mine and Mr. Zhang could not enjoy it. But we can still use those links.

Mr. Zhang has asked for some listening activities to do over the summer. Here are some links.

Rong-Chang - Easy Listening Texts

Rong-Chang - Easy Conversations

ESL Fast - 1,500 Conversations

Rong-Chang - 265 Short Stories with Audio

5-Minute English - Listening Lessons

Randall's Listening Lab

Adult Learning Activities from the CDLP

Your favourite Chinese translation site.

Here is a link to the CLB-OSA assessment tool in case you want to assess your reading or listening levels.


  1. These contents above are very good.I hope teacher wound not delete them temporarily.thank you for keeping these information.

  2. Don't worry, Weimiao. I won't delete these useful listening links!