Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello, class. Here are the links I posted last week. Sorry, Dorin, the only new item is under PRONUNCIATION below.


Try your hand at this game to see if you know your confederation dates. (All levels)

Level 4+ students, please watch this very short video about "responsible government."

Here is a quiz for levels 3+. Choose "Pre-Confederation Canadian History," 20 questions, 30 minutes.

Level 5+ students, here is a listening activity for you.

Just for fun: This is a very short cartoon about early exploration of Canada. The narrator has a funny American accent.


These words are easier.

These are more difficult.

Pronouncing the -ED endings with Rachel.

Content words and function words with Jennifer

Friday, January 11, 2013

Underground Railroad

Read and listen to Underground Railroad lessons.

Pretend you are a runaway slave on the Underground Railroad.


English with Jennifer - Thought Groups - Part 1
Here is Part 2

Pausing within Sentences - a podcast English lesson


Underground Railroad words are here.