Monday, February 20, 2012

Food and Nutrition

Hana suggested that we learn to read food labels. That's a great idea!

Let's start with a tour of Canada's Food Guide.
Go HERE and click Start Building My Food Guide to create a custom food guide just for YOU!

Practice spelling this week's vocabulary words:
Easier words are here.
Harder words are here.

Listen and read:
Here are three conversations about nutrition.

Jouzeef - 
Practice reading a shopping list here.
Learn some food vocabulary here.
There are more words here.

Have fun and learn!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Black History Month

This month we educate ourselves about the history of people of African descent in Canada. We also celebrate the contributions of black Canadians.

 Use the internet to find answers to these questions.
  1. Who was Olivier Le Jeune?  When was he brought to North America?
  2. In what year was slavery abolished in Canada?
  3. What does emancipate mean?
  4. In what year were slaves emancipated in the United States?
  5. Look at this map of Canada and the United States.
    1. What are the blue states?
    2. What are the grey states?
    3. What are the arrows?
  6. Visit this site to travel the journey of an escaping slave. Look up the words you do not know. For example, what is a bounty hunter?
Watch this video about Canadian Black History, then answer these questions:
  1. Who was Mr. Matthieu da Costa?
  2. Who was the first black Canadian born doctor?
  3. Who was Harriet Tubman?
Practice spelling the vocabulary words for this topic.

Levels 1, 2 and 3: learn these words.
Levels 4+ : learn these words.

Enjoy learning!  --Kelly

Sunday, February 5, 2012

At the Pharmacy

Hello, class!

First, please open MS Word and type up the sentences you wrote on Thursday. Use the numbered list feature on the HOME menu.

This week we will be talking about drugs and drug stores.

Listen to and read medicine vocabulary words.

Please watch this great video called Understanding Medicine Labels.

Practice spelling this week's words:

  • Easier words are HERE.
  • Harder words are HERE.

When you are done with the spelling test, try to do the Sentence Scramble game. This helps you learn English word order!

Have fun and learn!

-- Kelly