Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Greetings

Hello, extra keen students!

If you are reading this, you are a keener! You visit my blog even during summer break.

Would you like to see pictures from the annual YMCA gathering that our classmate Baoli attended in London? Those are HERE.

Qinsi has asked me many times about ordering silkworms. Why don't we do a silkworm project in our classroom this year? I can easily find silkworms of the "feeder" type that people feed to their pet reptiles, but I am having trouble finding quality silkworms for silk production. Let's try to find them.

I will bone up on "project-based learning." Can you guess what that idiom means (the words in bold)?

Oh, by the way, I sailed through my operation. This is an idiom. It means there were no complications. It was easy. I'm certainly relieved about that.

Have you seen the free 22-minute film in the Sesqui dome theatre yet? I was wrong about the colour. It's a big RED igloo-shaped theatre, not white. I might try to go on Monday, July 10th.

What are you doing this summer? Leave a comment below.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Big Summer Review

Hello, students!

This week we are winding down from a wonderful school term. We are playing games to review prior modules' vocabulary and concepts. We are taking a field trip or two. We might even watch a movie.

Here is the jeopardy game for Thursday. You can play at home with your spouse or by yourself.

Jeopardy - Big Summer Review