Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who What (What) Where When Why

Hello, class!

Here are some pictures from last week's lesson about sentence structure, which was a response to a special request from Langza that we study some rules for putting words in the correct order in a sentence.

First we learned the chant: "who what (what) where when why." Next we looked at some sample sentences on the board. Remember: this trick only works for action verbs, not for linking verbs. The second WHAT is in parentheses because sometimes you don't have an object of the verb. Some verbs don't take objects (intransitive).

Then we got into three teams and made our own sentences on strips of chart paper using coloured markers. Langza's team wrote: "We study English in the morning at the YMCA because we want jobs." Hana's team wrote that Hana went to a birthday party at a hotel last night. So their sentence only had one WHAT.

Next we learned how to "explode" different parts of the sentences to add more detail. For example, "Ali" can be exploded to "my good friend Ali." We had a contest to see which team could write the longest sentence without any grammatical mistakes.

This sentence became "All the students in the seniors class are studying English at the downtown YMCA on Victoria Avenue at 9:00 every morning because we want really good jobs."

The winners got first choice from the prize table. Their sentence had over 40 words!

The second place team got to choose their prizes next.

Nobody went home empty handed. Great job, everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12 and 19 - Computer Lab Days

Hello, class!

If you want, you can use Ellis Intro or practice using Google Maps.


NEIGHBOURHOOD vocabulary -- easier words are HERE.
NEIGHBOURHOOD vocabulary -- harder words are HERE.

THE CITY vocabulary-- click HERE.


Practice the past tense of irregular verbs HERE.


Here is a video you can watch to learn how to give directions.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your Neighbourhood

Hello, class!

Today we are learning about the neighbourhoods of Windsor.

First, please do the Google Maps assignment.

Next, please use the following links to learn about upcoming events in downtown Windsor. Please be prepared to report on one of them to the class.

Busker's Festival
Emancipation Celebration
Wednesdays free at the Art Gallery of Windsor
Downtown Windsor Farmer's Market

If you need help, just call me.