Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer English Lessons - Is Anyone Doing Them?


I have posted three summer assignments and I have not received any comments.  When I receive some comments showing me that you have done the prior lessons, I will post new lessons.

In the meantime, you can always visit Mr. Zhang's Page for some good listening practice. And you can visit Rachel's English for pronunciation practice.

Enjoy the summer. I hope that I soon get comments saying that you have been practicing English in public and trying to make Canadian friends, trying to talk to people outside your cultural group, trying to talk to neighbours, etc.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer English Lesson #3 - Go to a Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great opportunity to practice English.  Look in the paper today. Or look on the internet. Click here to see the Windsor Star classifieds - Garage Sales.

Here are some useful questions:

  • How much do you want for this?
  • Is [$5.00] your best price?
  • Would you take [$3.00] for it?
  • Would you take $___ for both of these?
  • Would you take $___ for all three?

Go to a yard sale on Saturday.  Will you accept this challenge?  If you use English at a yard sale, leave a comment below.

For more practice with the language, click HERE.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer English Practice #2 - Social Integration

Did you watch the fireworks Monday night?  I did.  My boyfriend and I took a couple of lawn chairs downtown. We rode the bus.  The bus was free all evening.  We didn't have to pay to ride.  We found a good spot for watching the fireworks.  I saw Tareq and Widad when I went to buy ice cream.

There is only one way to become fluent in spoken English. You have to practice every day.  Also, you have to talk to people outside your cultural group.  I challenge you to try. Are you willing?

Today when you are out in public, try saying this to someone:
A: The fireworks show was beautiful, wasn't it?  Did you watch it?
B: Yes, I did.  /  No, I didn't.        
 A: We watched them from our apartment.   We have a great view of the river.
Good luck!  If you accept this challenge, please leave a comment below.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer English Practice #1 - Air Travel

Hello, students!

Xiumin said she wanted more practice with TRAVEL English. So...

Go to THIS WEB PAGE.  First do the pre-listening exercise.

Next scroll down and play the conversation.

Answer the questions.

Finally, do some grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Don't forget to APPLY all the travel English we learned when you travel this summer.  Enjoy your trip!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer's Coming!

Hello, seniors!

I was very pleased when you asked me today to post something on this web log for you to do during the summer break. I'm so glad you want to keep practicing English.

taken May 30 (we'd forgotten to change the date on the board)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Talking to the Doctor

Hello, LINC 2 students!

Please watch this video.  I will call you to come talk to me about it.

When you are finished preparing for the test, you can:

Welcome Aboard

Hello, LINC Seniors!

We have been studying a lot of English for air travel. Yesterday we listened to some pre-boarding and flight announcements.

Today I will play some REAL boarding announcements.  I will give each of you a boarding pass with your flight number and destination city.  Here are the questions we will practice:

To your travel companion:  "Did you catch that?"

To your travel companion: "Did they just announce our flight?"

The answer will probably be, "No, I didn't."  "I'm not sure."   "I couldn't understand a word of it."

So now we have to know how to walk up to a stranger or an agent and ask:

"Excuse me, did they just announce flight _____ to _______?"  This question just became your best friend.

These are two of the four recordings we listened to: