Friday, September 27, 2019

Virtual Tours, LIHN, Equipment

Hello, students of the seniors' class!

Maria did a great job teaching us about long-term care homes and the residents' bill of rights. She said we can take virtual tours of Windsor's LTC homes. Here are some links for that.

First, here is a list of LTC homes in Windsor.

Huron Lodge 
Village of Aspen Lake
Banwell Gardens
Extendicare Southwood Lakes
Heron Terrace

We've decided to segue from long-term care homes to a module about our LIHN (Local Integrated Health Network). I wrote a book about this before. We can use it again if we remember to scratch out the term CCAC and replace it with the term LIHN.

We've just read the story of Olive Smith and have started a discussion. Next we will learn about equipment we can buy, borrow or rent. You can begin to look at Maxim Medical's aids to daily living and other products.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Care Home Residents' Bill of Rights

Hi, students!

Monday and Tuesday we are looking at the Bill of Rights for residents of care homes in Ontario. In this video, you can listen as someone reads the rights.

Here is a document where you can read about each right. I think Maria will give each of you a copy of this. The above are pretty dry, so this video may help make things clearer on Monday.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Victoria Ave Walking Tour

Do you remember reading about the six strategies for effective learning? One of them was "interleaving." That means studying one subject for a little while then switching to another thing for a little while and perhaps a third thing for a while before going back to the first. This is a better way to get information into long-term memory than studying in one big block of time and then moving on.

Thanks to the four seasons we have here in Ontario, we will be forced to do some interleaving this month. We want to get ready to study care homes with Maria, but now is the best time for the Victoria Avenue Walking Tour that you have suggested we repeat. We did that a few years ago and I am also keen to go again!

This website has a wealth of information about Ontario architecture.

Here is a good website for a quick view of many architectural styles we will see on our walk.

If you want to walk or cycle around Windsor and learn about houses that are on the heritage register, you can download and print that out from HERE.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Care Homes in Ontario

Hi, students!

Maria Giannotti of the Compassionate Community Project of Windsor-Essex Hospice will be with us on the 24th to give us information about care homes. We will begin acquiring some new vocabulary and concepts the weeks prior to her visit.

Friday in the computer lab, you can learn about a leader in creating a new model of care in long-term care homes in Ontario: Schlegel Villages. They have been pioneers in a culture shift from the medical model to a social model.

Here you can read the eight aspirations that guide them in growing and evolving toward what they want the experience to be for their staff and residents.

Schlegel Villages has a YouTube channel with a variety of short videos about life in their care homes, which they call "villages" because they are set up to resemble streets and neighbourhoods.


Update: I have finished tallying the votes from this week's NEEDS ASSESSMENT. The topics we will study this semester are:

  1. Health and Safety. Topics include safe urban foraging, how to fall, a fun line dance, the most common diseases, their symptoms and their diagnostic tools
  2. Fun and travel (transportation). Topics will include airport announcement listening strategies and two new app-based ride services: Lyft and Uber
  3. Canada. Topics will include our rights and responsibilities as good citizens in a local context, city government, our B.I.A.
  4. Community Services. Topic will be our Local Integrated Health Network (LIHN).
  5. Law. Topic you requested is traffic laws.
We decided to reserve the right to occasionally insert other short topics that may be seasonal or timely.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Who We Are

Welcome back, everyone! And welcome to the newest member of our seniors' class. I have a feeling this is going to be a great semester with lots of fun adventures and learning.

Today we filled out little templates to help us get better acquainted. Here are the intriguing results!

Excellent job, everyone! We rocked this!