Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello, students!

Here is a lesson about Halloween. What do you know about Halloween?

Do you have children?

Did you take your children trick or treating this year? Did you carve a pumpkin?

Click HERE if you would like to practice spelling some Halloween words.

If you finish, please go back to our last lesson on the Canadian school system. You may also use Ellis or any other English learning site.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Education in Ontario

Hello, class!

This week we will be learning about schools and education.

Watch this video about helping your child get organized for school.

Here you can listen to some phone conversations between a teacher and a parent.

Click here
to hear conversations about meeting your child's teacher at school.

These conversations are called "Waking Up for School."

You can click HERE to visit Dougall School's website. Look around!

This video is about reading with your child. It's longer and a bit more difficult.

Jouzeef, please watch this video. Then practice typing words here.

When you finish, please use Starfall and Basic Sight Words List One.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Library


Later this week I hope we can walk together to the library. On Thursday we learned about the sections of the library and how the Dewey Decimal System works. We also learned how to look up a book in the online catalog.

We learned that we can search by keyword, title, author and by subject.

Today we are going to practice using Windsor Public Library's online catalogue. I will give each of you a worksheet with the name of an item to find.

Here are the next steps in case you don't remember:

  1. Go to the Google search screen and enter "Windsor Public Library."
  2. Click "Search Library Catalogue."
  3. Click the BIBLIO Commons logo.
  4. Use the drop-down list to choose keyword, title, author or subject.
  5. Type the word or words from your worksheet and click SEARCH.
  6. Answer the questions on your worksheet.
When you are done, please visit - Your Library to read about libraries and watch a video.

If you want to practice spelling the library vocabulary words, click HERE. For a harder list, click HERE.

Have fun!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

Hello, Seniors Class!

Soon it will be Thanksgiving in Canada.

Click HERE to read about this holiday.

Click HERE to practice spelling some Thanksgiving vocabulary words.

Click HERE to do a Thanksgiving word search puzzle!

You can also use Ellis software or any English website.

Samir or Hana, please ask Jouzeef to click here to practice typing personal information.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Computer Lab - October 3

Hello, Cas' class!

If you would like to practice listening skills and hear dialogues for everyday activities, please go to 5-minute English and click LISTENING.

You may also want to watch some videos on YouTube on EnglishHelper's channel. These skits cover a number of topics from daily life.

Those with very high reading skills may wish to try this 100-question health survey. You do NOT have to give your name or email address to do the survey. You only need to give that information if you want to enter a contest.

Why not use Google to research Canadian Thanksgiving? You may end up discussing it in class this week. Click HERE to watch a video about how to cook a turkey, followed by a quiz to check your understanding.

You may also use Ellis software or any other link as long as it's in English.

You may check email or Facebook during the break.