Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Gardens

Hello, students of the seniors' class!

Spring is here. Many of us have gardens. Some of us have container gardens on our balconies. Others of us have backyard gardens. I have a narrow vegetable garden in my front yard; I also grow herbs in pots on my deck. Finally, many of us have plots in nearby community gardens. We enjoyed exchanging open pollinated, heirloom seeds this Thursday.  I am excited about that!

We recently learned that the downtown branch of public library has a seed exchange.

Listen and learn these words relating to the garden / yard.

Here is a short listening text about gardening.

Here is another listening text about a garden. How much do you understand?

Do you know the names of all these vegetables?

What about these herbs? I use all these in my cooking. I grow them on my deck.

Here are some more herbs. I use all these in my cooking.

Do you know all these fruits? (Yes, the plural of fruit normally does not take an -S, but in this case I mean varieties of fruit. So it takes an -S ending.)

Here is a video to give you a brief overview of some basic gardening terms.

These are some terms we discussed on Thursday. The last frost date for our area is April 25. We are in hardiness zone 6B. That means THIS WEEKEND is good for starting seeds indoors. Have fun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shopping for Food


This past week or so we have been learning to ask where to find things in a supermarket. We have also done some comparison shopping using store flyers.

This is a very comprehensive audio / text lesson about grocery shopping.

Here is a good site where you can listen and study new vocabulary.

Watch this video of supermarket dialogues. I am a new fan of!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Do It Yourself

Our projects look great!  On Thursday students from other classes will come see your posters and ask you questions about them. Good job, everyone!

Here is a listening lesson to do with home repairs.