Thursday, September 24, 2015

Online Shopping...Safely

Hello, students of the seniors' class!

Last week you requested that I teach you how to purchase things over the Internet. Of course we want to do that safely!

This is a great video about online safety when shopping.
Here is the presentation we saw about shopping and banking safely online.

This week we began by learning about PayPal. If you would like to open a free personal PalPal account today, first read the User Agreement. You may want to put that through a translation site or ask a family member to help you understand it. It is very long. This one is in Chinese, but it is not intended for customers based in Canada, I don't think.

When you feel ready to register, go here.

Do you want to browse items on  Next week we will learn step by step how to order an item.

Want to look at a local grocery store flyer?

Food Basics


Canadian Tire

If you would like to open MS Word and work on your compositions, I can help you do that.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome Back, Seniors!

Welcome back, class. I hope you had a great summer break. I certainly did.

Next week we are doing our "show and tell" presentations about our summer activities. Our topic is travel and recreation.

If you wish to work on your presentation, you may do that. Call me over to your workstation if you need my help.


Here is vocabulary for talking about the beach or ocean.
These words are useful when talking about camping.
Click here for air travel vocabulary.
These words help you talk about land travel.
Rebecca can teach you about the prepositions of travel.
If you travelled by sea, you may need these words.


Using prepositions of place in, on and at:
Generally speaking, this sums it up.
Here is another nice summary of these prepositions in use.
Crown Academy of English has a nice video lesson on this topic.
This illustrated lesson has a quiz after it.