Friday, October 12, 2018


Hello, students!
This week we are preparing for a guest speaker's visit. It's Dr. Harrison Oake, ND.

Here you can practice spelling and play games with our words.

Dr Benjamin Snider, Naturopathic Doctor, talks about his practice.

If you want to practice grammar, I recommend English with Jennifer.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, students!

This week we gave our brains a break from the theme of health. We will return to it. That is called interleaving; it helps us get language into long-term memory--or so say the cognitive scientists!

We wove in a topic in the theme of Canadian culture, and that is the topic of thanksgiving.

If you wish to practice spelling, word meanings, syntax, etc., then log into SpellingCity. You have an assignment waiting. After you do the spelling test, play a game like Sentence Unscramble or Match-it Sentences.

Here is a video that relates to our topic.

Native Americans Share their Associations with Thanksgiving

In our morning news review and in talking about topics under the theme of LAW that we may wish to explore, the subject of the new cannabis legislation came up. Here is information on that.

If you want to practice causative verbs, try this quiz:
Causative Verb Practice Exercise

Have a great LONG weekend!