Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Needs Assessment

Dear Seniors,

At the time that we did our last needs assessment, I failed to log it here. I'll do that now.

We voted to study all types of safety, and indeed we have spent the past month or more on the safety of the flu shot, safe food handling, cell phone safety, safety on the internet, and safety in our community.

Our second area of study is to be telephone skills followed by Canadian law. You said you wanted to learn about the Canadian courts and penal system.

Tied for third and fourth were food and nutrition (including how to read a nutrition label) and customer service (how to return an item to the store, how to make complaints).

Tied for fifth and sixth were immigration (how to sponsor a relative, culture shock, acculturation, etc.) and community and government services that are available to you such as legal aid, food banks, etc.

The least popular of the topics were the environment, holidays and celebrations and shopping.

I did not include the topics of crime, health/doctor or Canadian civics because those had been covered recently. However, one of the new students has expressed a strong desire to learn to talk to his doctor. So we will put that up for a vote and see if we can integrate that topic again. After all, it has been many months since we last covered it.