Sunday, December 18, 2011

Listening and Spelling

Hello, class!

Check the NEWS page (click above) to see what's happening this week.

Some students had their listening tests last week, but some students still need to have a listening skills test.

Ali and Hana: please click HERE to take your listening test. Look over the questions before you begin. Try to answer the questions after listening only TWO TIMES. If you can't, then listen a third time. Please show me your score when you are finished.

Wardia, please click HERE to take your listening test. First call me over. I will read you five questions and give you a copy of the questions. Call me or Lucy over after listening two times. You are allowed to take notes as you listen. You may listen a third time after we look at your answers.

Next everyone please do the spelling test. If you need a little more time to practice before the test, that's okay. Call me over when you are finished so I can write down your score.

Take the spelling test HERE.
When you are done, scroll down to continue using some of the links from last week. There were so many!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visiting the Doctor

Hello, class!

The first thing we will do today is learn how to save an attachment, download and upload a file. Please ask me for the handout.

When you finish that, please come back here to practice vocabulary, listening, reading and spelling. Choose what YOU want to work on!

The Five Senses (Literacy)
The Clinic (Level 2+)
Medical Words (Level 3 +)
The Digestive System (Level 4+)

Making a Doctor's Appointment (Level 2+)
Seeing a Doctor in an Emergency (Level 3+)
Seeing the Doctor (Level 3+)
Video: Talking about Being Sick (Level 3+)
A Medical Emergency (Level 3+)
Going to the Emergency Room (Level 3+)
Video: Talking about Accidents (Level 4+)

Going to the Doctor (Level 1)
At the Medical Clinic (Level 2)
Read and listen: The Importance of Hand Washing
A Visit to the Doctor (Level 2)
Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment (Level 3+)

The easiest list is here
The intermediate list is here.
The hard list is here.

Have fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Elves of the LINC Seniors Class

The elves of the LINC Seniors class have a holiday surprise for the whole YMCA. Please view our little performances.

Langza, Saleem, Mahmed, Hana and Wardia can be seen singing and dancing HERE.

Our second performance, which you can see by clicking HERE, stars Samir, Ali, Mustafa, Habtemariam and Mahmed. Mahmed stood in for Jouzeef, who was away in Toronto for a wedding.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let It Snow!

Tonight I am making lots and lots of paper snowflakes.  If you go to the Make a Flake website, you can cut your own paper snowflake. But be careful. This site can be addictive, as can cutting paper snowflakes.

Have fun!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Past Continuous

Hello, class!

Today let's use the computer to practice the PAST CONTINUOUS tense. Okay?

Here are some good exercises to get you started.

If you prefer to watch a video, try this one.

Another good video is this one with Teacher John.

Here is a good explanation followed by a quiz.

This quiz is pretty fun!

Here you get to unscramble the sentences. Don't forget the full stop!

This one from English Club is a little harder.

Call me over if you have any questions.