Friday, June 21, 2013

How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

Hello, students,

As we talked about yesterday, today you have a chance to check the crime reports for your neighbourhood. Just click HERE and put in your postal code. Then fill out the short worksheet that I will give you.

When you finish, you can try this quiz on the placement of adverbs.

Have fun!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Emergencies and Other Services

Friday we will have a fire alarm. Listen to and read this story about a fire alarm.

Muajab had a rat in his yard. Which number did he call? They helped him.

You can read about the 311 service HERE. Click "For Residents" and then look at the menu.

You can read all about 211 Human Services here.

This is some information about Crime Stoppers. When would you use Crime Stoppers and when would you use the police non-emergency number?

How did you do yesterday on the quiz about 311, 211, 911 and 519-258-6111? Here is the quiz if you want to try again.

Explore the Windsor Police's new website.

Listen to these conversations. Someone is reporting a break-in.

This person is getting a traffic ticket.

Here is another lesson on modals for degrees of certainty. Also please scroll down to the past two weeks' lessons.