Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transportation and the Bus

Hello, Vinka's Level 2 and 3 students!

Everyone please practice SPELLING. 
Practice until you can make a good score on the spelling test.

Bus - Level 2 - Learn to spell

Bus - Level 2 - Take the Test

Bus - Level 2 - Play a Game

Riding the Bus - Level 3 - Learn to spell

Riding the Bus - Level 3 - Take the test

Unscramble the sentences - Level 3


After the break, you can do one of these activities:

Learn vocabulary for air travel with this talking dictionary.

Land travel words are HERE.

Learn the simple past of irregular verbs.

Listen to this dialogue about reading a bus schedule. (Level 3 only)

Watch "Real English" - Simple Past

Visit Transit Windsor's website to explore maps and schedules.

Extra (just for fun) - Learn to read a subway map. (All levels)

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