Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer English Practice #2 - Social Integration

Did you watch the fireworks Monday night?  I did.  My boyfriend and I took a couple of lawn chairs downtown. We rode the bus.  The bus was free all evening.  We didn't have to pay to ride.  We found a good spot for watching the fireworks.  I saw Tareq and Widad when I went to buy ice cream.

There is only one way to become fluent in spoken English. You have to practice every day.  Also, you have to talk to people outside your cultural group.  I challenge you to try. Are you willing?

Today when you are out in public, try saying this to someone:
A: The fireworks show was beautiful, wasn't it?  Did you watch it?
B: Yes, I did.  /  No, I didn't.        
 A: We watched them from our apartment.   We have a great view of the river.
Good luck!  If you accept this challenge, please leave a comment below.

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