Sunday, January 4, 2015

Staying Safer in Hospital

Hello, seniors!

Welcome back. I hope your winter break was pleasant. Mine was!

Continuing with our very in-depth health unit (part II), this week we will talk about staying safer in hospital. Specifically, we will talk about avoiding hospital-acquired infections.

Together we will explore these steps for avoiding hospital-acquired infections.

For level 6/7 students, here is a fascinating story on America's National Public Radio about the human microbiome.

You could also watch this TED Talk about the human microbiome with subtitles in your first language.

AHRQ Guide to Patient Safety

Read what other patients have to say about your family doctor or specialist on Rate MDs.

I found public reports for our local hospitals, but the PDFs are opening as blank for me. How about you?

There is no class next Friday due to the teachers' meeting.

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