Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Urinary System

Hello, students of the seniors' class!

Here is a good video (in fact it is a series of four videos) in which a doctor explains the urinary system.

Renal System, part 1/4
Explore science games on urinary system for kids at NeoK12  

Here is a urinary system QUIZ.

This drag and drop labelling game is rather fun, I think.

Here is a listening text about urine tests.

Here are some websites with good information and photos that will be useful to us in our "Don't Pick That" course.

Purslane vs. Spurge - I know you like to pick purslane, but please do not pick spurge. It's toxic.

Ten Edible Weeds to Enjoy from the Garden from Canadian Gardening Magazine

The Foraging Family (a blog)
Here is a newscast about urban foraging in Toronto.

Here is a lovely website called Edible Wild Food. It has recipes, too.

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