Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, students of the seniors' class, for a wonderful party.

You are too good to me.  I hope you know how precious each of you is to me.  We are like a family.
the spread
We shared food.
We spoke from the heart.
Mr. Zhang
We listened to a poem. I think I know why Mr. Zhang chose that poem. It was poignant.
Mei, Xiumin, Hamdi, Kelly, Junjian
Hamdi taught us a dance step. Tareq drummed for us.
Mei, Xiumin
We heard a delightful story about an unlucky day turned lucky!
We solved riddles.
Dr. Peng, Xiumin, Kelly, BaoHua, Shurong, Mei
The women took a group shot.
Enjoy your two-week break. We will see each other again in 2017, Inshallah!


  1. I love that you do this wonderful work!
    Now please create an art blog! You need a place to show the art you are starting to do (again)!

    1. Oh, Lynn! How nice to have a comment here on this blog. My students have never quite got the hang of commenting, although they tell me in person how valuable this blog is to them. One student joined the class and when I reached out my hand to introduce myself, he said, "I know you. You are Teacher Kelly with the blog." Lol. Thanks for the encouragement on the art. Maybe one day I'll get some momentum going in that area.