Monday, February 24, 2020

Our Spring 2020 Needs Assessment

Hello, students!
Please scroll down to last week's blog post for an interesting newscast that might answer a question of yours.

We have completed a new needs assessment to help us plan what to learn this semester. The three themes will be: 1) health, 2) travel and transportation, and 3) Canada.

Under those themes we talked about possible topics, such as:

  • preventing dementia
  • teeth
  • VRBO / Air B&B
  • comparing modes of transportation for travel
  • buying a ticket (travel)
  • geography of Canada
Okay, buckle up! It looks like we are going to become travel experts. It will be fun to tie together travel with Canadian geography. I can't teach it all, so you will have to do your fair share in the way of reports and presentations. I think Peiji's report on Banff has got everyone excited to travel this gorgeous land.
Banff, Alberta


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