Monday, March 30, 2020

Is this Plan Working?

Hi, students!

Three cheers for Manlin and Riming. They were able to log into Flipgrid and make videos to answer my video.

Next I made a video RESPONSE to each of their videos.

Did you watch your response video, Riming? Manlin?

Students can also respond to each other. We can all talk on Flipgrid.

I think it's easy, but maybe you think it's difficult.

Do you have other ideas?

You can comment here (below) by clicking the number of comments link. You can comment on Flipgrid by making a video.

Please stay safe. I hope the curve of COVID-19 in Canada and the U.S. flattens and takes a downturn soon so that we can all be together again.

Here is my new topic video for this week. I'm sorry about my bad wifi connection. I am working from my mother's house.

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