Friday, September 27, 2019

Virtual Tours, LIHN, Equipment

Hello, students of the seniors' class!

Maria did a great job teaching us about long-term care homes and the residents' bill of rights. She said we can take virtual tours of Windsor's LTC homes. Here are some links for that.

First, here is a list of LTC homes in Windsor.

Huron Lodge 
Village of Aspen Lake
Banwell Gardens
Extendicare Southwood Lakes
Heron Terrace

We've decided to segue from long-term care homes to a module about our LIHN (Local Integrated Health Network). I wrote a book about this before. We can use it again if we remember to scratch out the term CCAC and replace it with the term LIHN.

We've just read the story of Olive Smith and have started a discussion. Next we will learn about equipment we can buy, borrow or rent. You can begin to look at Maxim Medical's aids to daily living and other products.

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