Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Care Homes in Ontario

Hi, students!

Maria Giannotti of the Compassionate Community Project of Windsor-Essex Hospice will be with us on the 24th to give us information about care homes. We will begin acquiring some new vocabulary and concepts the weeks prior to her visit.

Friday in the computer lab, you can learn about a leader in creating a new model of care in long-term care homes in Ontario: Schlegel Villages. They have been pioneers in a culture shift from the medical model to a social model.

Here you can read the eight aspirations that guide them in growing and evolving toward what they want the experience to be for their staff and residents.

Schlegel Villages has a YouTube channel with a variety of short videos about life in their care homes, which they call "villages" because they are set up to resemble streets and neighbourhoods.


Update: I have finished tallying the votes from this week's NEEDS ASSESSMENT. The topics we will study this semester are:

  1. Health and Safety. Topics include safe urban foraging, how to fall, a fun line dance, the most common diseases, their symptoms and their diagnostic tools
  2. Fun and travel (transportation). Topics will include airport announcement listening strategies and two new app-based ride services: Lyft and Uber
  3. Canada. Topics will include our rights and responsibilities as good citizens in a local context, city government, our B.I.A.
  4. Community Services. Topic will be our Local Integrated Health Network (LIHN).
  5. Law. Topic you requested is traffic laws.
We decided to reserve the right to occasionally insert other short topics that may be seasonal or timely.

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