Friday, April 3, 2020

Other Home Study Alternatives

Hello, students!

Manlin reports that she is having issues with Flipgrid. It could be a problem with compatibility between Flipgrid and her web browser or just poor Internet reception. Certainly the Internet is very busy right now.

If you cannot use Flipgrid following the directions I posted in the earlier blog post here, then I have other ideas for you.

Do you remember our old page on this blog called Mr. Zhang's Page? I have published it again and added some new links to the top.

Check it out! Look right under the title Teacher Kelly. Do you see the menu items Home, About Me, Show and Tell Gallery, and Mr. Zhang's Page?

Click on Mr. Zhang's Page.

You can leave me comments on this blog post or email me at I put it on this blog wrong before. Sorry! You can also join the YMCA teachers on Facebook now.

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