Friday, June 5, 2020

Summer 2020

Hello, dear students.

It's been almost three months since we have seen each other. Soon it will be summer break. I'm sorry we cannot have a picnic in Jackson Park nor go together to the Sculpture Park as in years past. We also missed out on a trip to the François Baby House and the long bus ride to the outdoor ping-pong table in Kiwanis Park. Wasn't it fun? If you search for the words "field trip" on this blog, you can reminisce.

Right now I am under isolation orders because I crossed the border last Saturday. I cannot go out for 14 days. My groceries are delivered.

It is my hope that you all take advantage of the many services offered this summer online. Take advantage of Ziad's computer lessons and Conversation Café every other Friday. Stay connected.

If you cannot read this jpg image, contact your orientation worker for the PDF.

Leave me a comment below with your first name if you want me to continue posting here over the summer. I love you all so much! Take good care.

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