Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do You Remember Your Air Travel Vocabulary?

Hello, students!

I hope you are having a nice summer. Mexico was VERY HOT. I have written about my trip on my personal blog. You can look at pictures from my trip if you want to. Mostly I wrote about the food and the birds. It's HERE:
And it continues on the next nine posts.

Everything we prepared for in class happened to me!

When we arrived in Mexico, we didn't get our bag. It was lost. After two days, they delivered it to us.

Because our flight from Phoenix, Arizona was late getting to Charlotte, North Carolina, we almost missed our connecting flight. But we didn't. We ran fast from one gate to another. The airline representative was very happy to see us coming. She said, "Great! That's everybody." They were waiting for us before closing the door!

And then our bag was again delayed. When it arrived, they drove it all the way from Toronto to Windsor and delivered it at 3:47 in the morning!!!

Can you remember the names of the things in the pictures? Please leave a comment and describe these pictures.

What do you see in this picture? Where am I? What am I doing?

Picture A
How about picture B? Where am I? What am I holding?

Picture B
And picture C? What am I opening? I hear the flight attendant coming. She has pop and peanuts.

Picture C
And how about picture D? You are right. I am finally in sunny Mexico. I am birding. I am wearing very strong sunblock.

Picture D
Many funny things happened on our trip. For example, we forgot to book a hotel room in Chicago for our nine hour layover. So we had to sleep on army cots in the airport. That was not much fun, but it makes a good story now. Now we can laugh.

Also, my boyfriend was stung by jellyfish while swimming in the sea. He is okay now. In addition to this, I forgot to load Mexican maps onto my GPS before we left. We had to buy a map at a convenience store.

When we come back to school in September, I am going to ask you about any trips you took this summer. Don't forget all the words we learned for travel! You will have to tell your classmates about your trip, especially any mishaps. Do you know the word "mishap?" It's a great word.

Please leave a comment today.  Thank you.



  1. Hello, Kelly:
    The original July 28th our family went to the Rocky Mountain tourism,due to bad I body,blood pressure is very high and unstable. so I could not go on the trip.
    I already forgot Air Travel vocabulary, refer to dictionary and try to answer your question.
    1.You in boarding area at the waiting room waiting for the plane.
    2.You on the plane you holding Safety instructions, Ready to watch the emergency card.
    3.c is tray table. You ready to eat snacks.
    4,you are in a park in Mexico, watching the birds in the sun.
    Please correct the wrong place.

    Wei Ying, August12 2014

  2. Wei Ying, I am so sorry to hear that you were not able to go on the trip with your family due to high blood pressure. That's a shame. Thank you for describing these pictures! We will talk about them when we are back in class. See you soon!